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ClickAJob is working hard to offer it's visitors and users up-to-date recruiting solutions to help recruiters and HR managers achieve success in hiring the right person, or assist in highlighting the potential of existing staff.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s "Recruitment, retention and turnover Annual Survey" Report, 60% of UK employers now use "Tests for specific skills", 46% use "Personality questionnaires" and 53% use "General ability tests" when recruiting new employees. Thus, testing solutions have already become an essential part of the recruitment process.

What are psychometric assessments provided by ClickATest?

They are structured exercises designed by business psychologists to measure the specific skills or the personal qualities of a candidate and discover if the person fits the position they are being hired for.

The ClickATest Assessment embraces well-known DISC psychometric technology. It takes 7-10 minutes to complete and provides a huge amount of valuable information on the person's individuality and how this impacts on their work.

Psychometric testing benefits

The ClickATest project launched and encouraged by ClickAJob recruitment professionals aims to add value and effectiveness to the online candidate selection process and existing staff performance evaluation. The assessments available in ClickATest will allow you to:

  • Shortlist Candidates
    Quick and effective method of shortlisting when you have many applicants for one vacancy.
  • Improve Recruitment Practice
    Check candidates' psychometric profiles, match the key needs and requirements of the vacancy.
  • Improve Internal Employee Development
    Reliable psychometric information on an individual can eliminate training needs and identify management potential.
  • Enhance Positive Business Reputation
    Psychometric Evaluation reflects good recruitment practices. You can give constructive feedback to candidates based on assessment results.
  • To learn other benefits refer directly to ClickATest psychometric testing benefits

Featured psychometric tests and report packages

ClickATest offers both individual reports and report packages. In ClickATest there are 10 different reports available. These psychometric reports give an in-depth overview of many aspects of the candidate's work-based behavior in different situations.

The psychometric ability reports are targeted towards specific skills and certain industry sectors:

  • Personality Questionnaire
    gives a psychological profile of the candidate and general recommendations for maximizing his/her potential.
  • Strengths and Limitations Report
    separates candidate's traits into strengths, those traits that increase his/her working efficiency, and limitations, which that decrease it.
  • Psychometric Questionnaire
    gives candidate's psychological assessment and a guide for interviewing him/her.
  • Effectively Manage Employees Report
    includes recommendations on main aspects of managing the candidate, specifying the level of responsibilities for them and areas to improve on their abilities.
  • Management Questionnaire
    features recommendations for interviewing a managerial position candidate and a short appraisal of their basic traits.
  • For other individual reports please go directly to ClickATest psychometric reports section.

ClickATest also offers Report Packages as a cost-effective alternative to ordering individual reports. Every package consists of reports related to a specific employee position such as sales person, manager or call centre operator.

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