Want to get hired?

Want to get hired?

If you're serious about getting yourself a new job, we're serious about getting you into the one that's perfect. This advice is serious too.

Make a presentation of yourself

Before you leap into preparing a CV and doing all the predictable things, spare a thought for what you are really trying to do. Get a job yes, but more immediately - sell yourself.

At the start of this business - and it is a business - just remember that the employer you are applying to does not know you from a bar of soap. Not quite the same as dashing off a CV and waiting for a phone call is it? But extremely rewarding when you get it right.

KNOW that you're different

Well you are different of course, aren't you? You only have to look in the mirror to see that. Your face, your voice, your personality - all these are unique to you. You are not the same, you're different. And that makes you special.

Now hold that thought and remember it. Once you get into applying for a job, it's the most important of all. Why? Because there will always be other people applying for the job too. And they're not the same either. They're just as different as you are.

But they're not better. They might have different skills or experience, but nobody is better than you.

All of the things that make you who you are cannot be equalled by anyone else. And it's your difference that gets you hired - your employer prefers what makes you special to somebody else. Whatever it is about you that stands out, it's you yourself that makes the difference

Exploit your difference

Knowing that you're different, you can't afford to APPEAR the same as everybody else, can you? Coming across as the same submerges you into being invisible - like one piece of sea that looks exactly like another. Anyway, who wants sameness?

So whatever you do in applying for a job has to be different. A different approach. A different attitude. All put together in different CV that creates a different reaction in the mind of the recruiter who is looking at you. In a way that shows you're special.

BE different

Of course being different does not mean going over the top. A CV in dayglo ink and strange paper shapes does not make you different. It classes you among the also-rans who pull stunts to compensate for sameness. Be reasonable!

CVs have conventions and you are wise to respect them. They're working tools used by all of business, which is why they're presented the way they are, not gimmicky song and dance acts. Which brings the trick of being different across two pages of A4 down to the way you say things, the perspective you show them in, and they way in which you reward your reader.

Yes reward. You dare not bore a possible employer with bald facts. To stand a chance of being noticed, everything you say has got to mean something. Far more than a track record, you are presenting a word picture of you - just a snapshot because nobody has time to look at more. And aren't you an engaging individual with a mind and spirit of your own? Of course you are. So look like it!