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How to Upload Your CV Successfully

CV is short for Curriculum Vitae, a Latin expression that means 'Course of Life'. Your CV is therefore a record of everything about you - particularly your working career. Many people think that a schnazzy-looking CV is all you need to land yourself that high-powered job. Don't make this mistake!

1. Remember that ClickAJob is not like other job boards. As a job search engine, it gives you access to hundreds of job boards all at the same time - and all of them different.

2. Employers, recruitment agencies and all of these job boards can search for your CV online if you upload it - quickly and with very sophisticated systems to match you against job specifications. They search data, not presentation - which means all that effort to make your CV look impressive on paper is completely ignored!

3. Make sure that any CV you choose to upload works well when it is only text-based. Avoid any styling that a machine could get wrong - no tabs, columns, bold type or fancy alignment - just straight text in straight paragraphs, easy for computers to understand.

4. Think too about how these computers do their searching. They want to discover your job capabilities, not your background - so put vital information first and leave the detail about education and where you live for later. Make sure the first two lines of text really sing their message about what you can do and why you are good.

5. Put everything under headings that computers can pick up and isolate. Use the same words that everyone else uses, so there is no mistake - Profile, Skills, Employment History etc.

6. Check how your CV reads in text-only format before you upload it - without margins, spacing or any kind of formatting, just straight type. Pasting it into WordPad or NotePad is a good way to do this, even though you may upload from MS Word or other popular word processing packages.

7. Try to see how your CV looks on line too. Many job boards provide for emailing a copy to yourself - for checking and records. ALWAYS check if you can. Your effort is completely wasted if employers can only see gobbledygook.

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