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How to Get Started

1. Begin by thinking of the job role you want, and one or two words to describe it - like 'travel consultant', 'service manager', 'sales executive' or 'hair stylist' - even 'PA' or 'wedding photographer' if you like.

2. On the search page, that's the ClickAJob home page you came in on, enter this description in the box that says Job Keywords.

3. Next, decide where you want the job to be - the town or the post code.

4. Enter your choice in the box that says Job Location.

5. Now click the SEARCH JOBS button - it's that easy!

How to Use the Results

1. Immediately you click the SEARCH JOBS button, ClickAJob shows you a list of available jobs according to your choice.

2. Notice that the words you entered are highlighted - they show how ClickAJob actually finds your results.

3. Click on the job role that is best for you and ClickAJob will take you to whichever job board is offering the position and show you the full details.

4. Just follow the on-screen instructions for how to apply, and you're on your way to your first job!

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Too Much Choice in Your Search Results List?

1. You can make your selection tighter by clicking either of the two buttons in the blue bar at the top of the page - Category posted for how recent the jobs are, and Show for choosing from permanent or temporary positions.

2. A further button lower down, Sort results by, lets you choose by relevance, or by date (how recent the job positions are).

3. If you still keep getting too many results, click on the COMPANY PROFILES tab to search for your job by company, or on the AGENCY PROFILES tab to select from a recruitment agency.

4. You can tighten your search further by clicking on the hot link for Advanced Search on the home page next to the SEARCH JOBS button.

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Too Wide a Choice?

1. Notice that the words you entered are not always together. ClickAJob finds the most important one first, then the next, then the next - wherever they appear in the same job advert.

2. For example, you might find lots of jobs that mention 'weddings' but very few that include 'photographer' - so ClickAJob shows you all the 'weddings' jobs it has, with 'photographer' as a secondary choice. Search again without the word 'weddings' to see only 'photographer' jobs.

3. To force a search for 'wedding photographer' only, put both words in double quotes - "wedding photographer" - and search again. If that combination exists anywhere in all the 900,000 jobs from all over the UK, ClickAJob will show it to you.

4. Again, use Advanced Search on the home page next to the SEARCH JOBS button to refine your search so that results are more useful to you.

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