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A Passion for People and the Work They Do

Our vision
Some people love their jobs so much, they can't wait to get to work. We want everyone to be like that.

So we're making it happen.

Since everyone is going to spend more than a third of their lives at work, they might as well enjoy it.

That doesn't mean it's easy. Everybody is different, every company is different, and every job is different.

Which means it's all in the matching. Hating work, or not being good at it, most often means the wrong person in the wrong job with the wrong organisation.

Our job is making it right - the job appeal, the motivation, the work ethic - everything.

Our Approach
Of the people, by the people, for the people... ours is a business of relationships, friendships and the mutual trust to encourage both.

We achieve this by doing people things - meeting, talking, listening.

Especially listening.

Yes, it's hard work. But so engaging, it never feels like it.
Juliet Reid, Resourcer
If we want to enthuse and motivate people, we have to know how they feel.

Our Process
This is the easy part - and the most difficult.

It's whatever it takes. Whatever, however and wherever it has to happen to get recruitment right.

We search, advise, question, interview, screen, investigate and evaluate until we're sure. We do it again next time because every job is different and so is every person.

And again, through the three uniquely different arms of our business.
Without being modest, ClickAJob is the largest Job Search Engine in the UK.

It has to be. Every day it serves thousands of job-seekers across the entire job market, finding and offering them the best jobs in the country, wherever they've been posted on the Internet.

It serves employers too, providing the showcase to offer their vacancies where job-seekers will see them. At a glance, they can cream off the best, knowing they're matched to unique opportunities within their organisation.

Pumped full of technology, the ClickAJob website is easy and friendly, Britain's most effective way of getting job-seekers and employers together.
How good is a person at doing a particular job? ClickATest provides the evidence, saving thousands of pounds in money and effort by doing so.

From a huge range of internationally recognised tests, employers and job-seekers can verify for themselves online that attitudes and skills necessary for a job are as right as they think they are.

Professional match-makers everyone of them, the experience offered by consultants at CAJ:Associates provides a direct approach to finding and selecting the best candidates. This personal tactic is particularly effective when the 'right' person isn't necessarily looking for a job at the time.

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