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Many of the leading professions in the country are almost a closed shop to certain people in society, a report has suggested...
22 Apr 2009
Top professions 'are becoming more socially exclusive'
If employers are forced to make employees on maternity leave redundant, they must ensure they are adhering to employment law, according to one business...
31 Mar 2009
'Law must be followed' if making those on maternity leave redundant
Law may be a
Jobseekers looking for work in the law industry may find they have plenty of opportunities for employment as it is claimed that it is "always...
01 Dec 2008
Flexible working rights extended in the UK
New rules regarding employee requests for flexible working are due to come into force on April 1st next year, it has been announced...
16 Oct 2008
Thousands of staff 'never receive tribunal awards'
Employees in low-skilled, low-paid jobs are less likely to receive their awards if they ever have a case at an employment tribunal, it...
14 Oct 2008
Caution advised over fake CVs
Job seekers looking to take advantage of discrimination laws during the credit crunch could submit two CVs with differing details in order to catch firms...
08 Sep 2008
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