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If you've landed on this page, it's because you're bold, brave and determined to work for one of the best organisations in the country. This is positive job-hunting at its most intense -competing with the best of the best - just choose your list and start searching. But remember too, this is the very top drawer - to be successful, your preparation needs to be thorough and nigh-on perfect.

Get the Groundwork Right

If you need help with the homework, refer to our Active Job Search pages. They will help you get your mindset right and guide you through the basics of approaching companies direct instead of through our usual job search facility.

Choose Your Level

Bear in mind that many of these companies also induct new staff at various levels - typically School Leaver, Graduate, Career Professional and MBA. You might also find opportunities for internships, cadetships, apprenticeships or other learn-on-the-job entry options, an essential part of inculcating company culture and methodology across all ranks from the word go.

Know Your Target

Getting yourself a new job through this process is knowing as much as you can about your target company. Your best starting place without doubt is from the source of these business awards in the first place - The Times, Sunday Times or Financial Times - whose editorial coverage of each of these companies is insightful, businesslike and recognised by the marketplace as unequalled in excellence.

Read Everything

There is a lot to learn on these pages and on the links they take you to, use the information well. You should also explore your target employer's website in detail for yourself. It pays to know your prospect and could make all the difference in gaining you that all-important competitive edge.

Good luck!

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