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Social Networking

Social Networking

Who you know can open more doors

To be successful, your hunt must go a lot further than just newspapers. You need whatever it takes to find out every little detail about your target job. For example, are you sure it exists? You could do worse than spend time in the pub, talking to people who work for the same company. Call it what you like, this is work - the hard business of getting yourself into the job of a lifetime.

Get ready to schmooze

Since nobody is going to volunteer anything, you have to make all the contacts yourself. And when you start thinking about it, there are a lot of them you can make. Start with your family - is there anyone working with the company who can provide insight? Perhaps as a customer, a supplier, even a shareholder - or, first prize, an employee.

Where else can you network? Who else has contacts you can use, sniffing out the ground long before you make your move? How about friends? Your mates you studied with? Your connections through work experience? Or people in the business you're actually targeting?

Though it might sometimes feel like it, none of this socialising is wasted. It's not just the job you're researching, you're laying down the groundwork for an entire career. Contacts, advice, insight - you need them all.