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Direct Approach

Direct Approach

Hard work that can bring you the best job in the world

So far on ClickAJob, you've seen how successfully the search engine performs in bringing jobs to you. This is RE-ACTIVE job-hunting in action - you just sit back and we bring them to you. There is also PROACTIVE job-hunting - a lot harder because it's up to you to go out and find the right job yourself.

The job that's never advertised

Why do this? Very often they're plum jobs, the highly-prized ones you might only dream of. But you won't find them on ClickAJob. In fact you won't find them anywhere. Because, according to the Careers Service of the London School of Economics, 40% of jobs are NEVER advertised.

Relax, we can still help you get one!

There are several reasons why such jobs are not advertised. Very often, a new appointment is incredibly urgent, yet the company's internal operations are so busy that no-one has time to think about getting applicants!

The proactive jackpot

Job advertisers are dominated by the big players, both online and in print. They recruit every year in volumes of 60 - 1,000 people at a time, competing against each other in the face of a severe (and growing) skills shortage. Though these jobs are easier to search, applying for them favours the employer, and you can expect to be up against some fierce competition.

Away from this mainstream, the smaller companies that DON'T ADVERTISE usually have just one or two vacancies at a time. They tend to recruit intermittently - often haphazardly - as they're not used to doing it. Unless they lose a key player - unlikely since these are the jobs employees LIKE doing - they're not particularly worried about a skills shortage.

You and you alone

The big plus is that you have very little competition, sometimes none at all! Even thinking about staff is such an effort to the employer, that you come out of the blue like some kind of miracle - apparently well-motivated, obviously full of initiative since you found them, much cheaper because there's no need to pay a consultancy or anyone, and probably ready to start immediately.

Against that of course, you have to know exactly what you want and where to find it. You have to know in business terms exactly what you can offer - and be shrewd enough to present it in a way that's irresistible. Reckon you're up to it?

Yours for the asking

Believe us, it IS worth the effort. Because if you're smart enough to find out that the vacancy exists, you could easily be the ONLY applicant to apply! As long as you satisfy the job specifications and present the right attitude, you could have no competition and be as good as in! If you're smart enough...

But be careful, because the exact opposite holds true as well - that a company's jobs can be so popular, hungry job-seekers are beating the doors down to get one. As a direct result of the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for example, any organisation involved in forensic science is swamped with applicants even when there are no vacancies.

There's always competition

Other companies find there is no need to advertise because enthusiastic applicants seek them out anyway. Sometimes reputation alone is enough to attract a continuous supply of applicants. So, even though many of these jobs are not advertised, you DO have competition.

You also have work to do - because in proactive job-hunting, the only drive behind finding a job is you yourself.