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Attitude & Passion

Your personal key to an amazing career

You can always tell people who like their jobs, from people who don't. They're the ones who smile a lot and get to do all the good things. Not surprising really. Since work is half your life, there's far more sense in enjoying yourself than walking around miserable.

Enjoy yourself at work?

Surprise, surprise. You've just discovered the secret of wealth, luck and happiness. Because next to your love-life, work is the single thing that can make or break you, just by your attitude.

I love my job

First, look for passion. Anyone who is passionate about their job never thinks of it as work. A job to them is more like a way of life - and they just can't wait to roll up their sleeves and get back into it again.

How about your attitude now? At last you're doing something you've always wanted to do - and now you are. After all the effort of getting there, your enthusiasm makes you unstoppable. Heady stuff passion, isn't it?

Decide with your heart or head?

Just possibly your head says that accountancy might be a more stable career choice - and who ever heard of an accountant without a designer mansion and a top-of-the-range BMW?

So what rules you, your head or your heart? If your soul is going to be truly free, you already know the answer. But just recognise that listening to your heart takes severe head-work to make things happen - plus your sense of adventure, of course.

Find out about you

Start by telling your head that it's your life and you can do anything you like. And don't let your barrier be The Great Don't Know. You can find out where your potential is right now with a simple online check through our sister site at

For a Career Guidelines test of £30 or so, you get an accurate insight into your whole future - peanuts against the returns you can make on your road to fame and fortune.

One more thing about attitude. You MUST get it right to drive your success. You have to make a presentation of it too - the way you look, the way you speak, the way you stack up on your CV, everything.

First impressions

Since it's the first appraisal anyone will make of you, appearance is vital. So here's a little philosophy you can apply to yourself, every time you look in the mirror. The way to get where you want to go, is dress like you're already there.

Make that work for you, your CV, the way you talk to people and everything you do.