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Being Prepared

Being Prepared

Know what you want, and have your CV ready

OK, you walk in to your recruitment agency of choice - now what? The agency already knows who they're looking for and size you up. Are you Capable Office Administrator, City Area, £40K?

The professional approach

Better be sure. These folks are busy - and if you're going to win them over, even though they're working for the client, you cannot afford to waste their time.

You're an investment, remember? So don't go stumbling in, simply because you want a job. The agency's clients expect more than that - and so should you.

A long-term investment

Ideally your Unique Selling Proposition for yourself should map out a career. Setting objectives shows you're serious - and provides a measurement to match a job against.

Preparation like this pays dividends straight off. If you know what you want and where you're going, the chances are you've done your homework on the recruitment agency too.

A positive match

By being professional, you pay them the compliment of recognising them as the resource you sought out from all others - a positive match before you've even walked in the door. Let them feel inspired to do you the same favour!

With clear objectives and direction, you're already making it easy for the recruitment agency to do their job effectively - a bonus to you because if you've done your homework right, your goals are their goals - and a satisfied client is going to pay for it.

The tailored CV

Don't lose this initiative. Have your CV ready to back up the positive surge you're riding, charged with the same clear objectives and properly polished for the sector you're aiming at.

You see how it works? You want nodding heads every step of the way, easy agreement that you are thinking right, you're a professional and a worthwhile asset to any company. Your CV should reflect this, as a showcase of achievement and progress leading to the very moment you're at now - in the right agency, measuring up for the right job.