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Attitude & Passion

Personal qualities that put you ahead

Step into an agency, and immediately you're in the spotlight. Better be ready to perform!

Make no mistake, if it feels like an audition, you're absolutely right. And to be selected you simply have to outshine everybody else.

Think like an asset

You see, every agency is a business - which means they're always looking at you as a way to make money. To recognise that instantly, there MUST be something about you that sets you apart.
Call it the X Factor or whatever you like, your attitude must be super-convincing to persuade them to take you on.

You're not the client

There's another dimension too. Though you might think so, an agency does not exist to find you a job. Quite the other way round, its whole function is to find people for its CLIENTS - it doesn't have to be you, just the right person in the right place at the right time.

Look like a winner

Since an agency has no idea how hot you really are - and hasn't looked at your CV yet - it's only by your attitude and obvious passion that you can make an exception of yourself, sweeping them off their feet with the impression that you're an out and out winner.

Larger than life

Hold that thought. Because right through all the stages of introduction, interview and assessment, attitude and passion continue to be the qualities that will make you stand out. The rest of you, as with every other candidate, is locked away as words on paper - not quite the same dynamite.

Actually getting hired

Now for the upside. Once an agency is persuaded that you're a good investment, they're pretty good at packaging you competitively to the right client and pushing for quick results. To them, you're a money-maker remember? The quicker they can get you into a slick-fitting job, the quicker they can ask for their well-earned (and usually lucrative) recruitment fee.

The offer they can't refuse

All of which sounds fine, as long as you're as good as you think you are - and your recruitment agency thinks so too. You have to know that you're irresistible.

World-class you

One sure way to find out is through our sister site, - an online psychometric assessment centre and the UK's largest selection of ISO 9001-2000 skills-based tests. For around £30 a test, you can see exactly where you natural aptitude is, backed up by professional verification of exactly what you're good at - to world recognised standards.

Simply irresistible

Together with your obvious attitude and passion, what agency is going to be able to resist you with credentials like these?

Lots of luck with your upcoming interviews!

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