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A Passion for People and the Work They Do

Online Recruiter
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People fascinate you. The things they do. The way they react. Their likes and desires. You have a quick feel for them in your mind's eye. And you are rarely wrong

People intrigue us too. The way they relate to the world around them. The amazing ties between who they are and what they do. And the huge synergies of matching them.

Your Job
It's a compulsion for you, a human puzzle in which everyone has their place and only you know where - a sudoku-expert for people. You're so good at this, you never give up - every day enjoying the satisfaction of making everyone fit - and getting paid for it too!

Your Reward
It's well worth it.
  • £35K uncapped salary (OTE).
  • Points scoring for overseas trips, holidays, exotic experiences and other prizes.
  • Ongoing advancement through our CAJ Academy of Business Development.
  • Exclusive membership of our Elite Pass super-incentive scheme.
  • On-going, state-of-the-art training materials on your own personal iPod.
  • A high-tech work environment.
  • Professional colleagues as dedicated as you are.

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