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Good, better, best. Welcome to the CAJ:Academy
A lot of what we sell is expertise. To provide it we have experts. And to make sure they're the best, we have the CAJ:Academy,

CAJ:Academy is our own in-house skills development programme designed to provide you with the best training in recruitment. With regular sessions, you hone your necessary reflexes and market knowledge, sharpening your skills to become the expert all our clients need.

Driven by staff
Created from within, the CAJ:Academy is driven entirely by our staff themselves - powered by their aspirations, guided by their career expectations. Daily, it morphs itself around our current needs, sharing a journey of knowledge, allowing everyone to share experiences and learn from the experts.

There are practical sessions too, teaching stuff you could never learn in any classroom. From start to finish, you're immersed in shared experience won the hard way, absorbing an understanding that has to be felt, impossible to learn from a book - preparing you to take on the market like no other organisation can.

Personal iPods
Our motivation methods are unusual too. On joining, all staff receive a personal iPod, loaded with the finest training material in the industry, in bite-sized chunks of sound and video you can refer to at any time of day or night, as often or as little as you like.
In between, when you're not on the phone ramping up a genuinely superior service with genuinely dedicated commitment, the iPods are yours to play games, watch movies, or listen to your own music selection.

The training sessions themselves are recorded on video too. You can refer to fine detail or see yourself in action, no longer reliant on scrawled notes or wordy hand-outs.

Staff call the shots
After classes, your feedback is encouraged and directs the way future sessions run. If you want things changed, they get changed, putting the emphasis wherever you feel the need, turning the spotlight on real events as they happen, not abstract role-plays in classrooms far away.

As a result, training is tailor-made, skewed exactly to your preferences. One year down the line, as new staffers swell the ranks, the material could be vastly different - though all the time geared to providing the best kind of service that clients and candidates could wish for.

Solid Professionals
Nor is it all about helping you to do your job better. Vitally important to a people business is the bonding. Recruiters like you are special people, business-driven on one side, personality-sensitive on the other, professionals who should get the support you need, and the back up that comes from working as a true team.

At every stage too, there is encouragement to turn your new skills into qualifications in their own right. Start studying for your qualifications from either the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) or CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and you will be given every assistance.

Glittering awards
Best of all is the stimulation you get from a pleasant working environment and our extremely imaginative incentive system. When you're not in Academy classes, you're a live and active recruitment professional hard at work. Giving you goals to shoot for is our Elite Pass Award programme - a step-by-step ladder of desirable and achievable rewards - in easily reachable stages from a pint at the pub all the way to a Caribbean cruise.

No doubt about it, if you aren't already, you're one of those people who is going to be the best.

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