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Skills development needed during recession, says CIPD

Brits need to develop their skills and capabilities in order to find employment during the recession, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).
The organisation claims that people need to be "continually learning and developing" and be "ready for change".
Skills which employees need to develop during the economic downturn include some "broad competencies" such as emotional intelligence or other aspects including management abilities.
Dr John McGurk, advisor for learning and talent development at the CIPD, said: "It may well be taking on new tasks so that you stretch yourself and build your skill levels that way."
According a spokesperson from ClickAJob, staffers should also be aware of skills they have already.

“Don’t lose sight of experience gained on the job,” he says.

“Working with people and handling computers tend to be taken for granted, but they’re all good, competitive skills that make all the difference to the career assets you can offer.”

The Confederation of British Industry recently claimed the UK workplace landscape had "dramatically altered" as employers and staff were working together to protect business and jobs.
It stated that two-thirds of employers have made, or are planning to make, changes to how their workforce is organised.