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Lack of funding 'hindering work-based training'

It has been claimed that many of the work-based training programmes offered to UK employers have run out of money.
The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has questioned whether the Learning and Skills Council has "taken its eye off the ball" when it comes to funding.
Likewise, because of the large number of employers who signed up to the government's Train to Gain scheme, some are now being turned away.
David Frost, director general of the BCC, said that employers are now beginning to realise how important work-based training is for their staff.
"However, a failure in government accounting means many who seek public funding will be disappointed to find that the taps have been turned off," he argued.

On a brighter note, a spokesperson for ClickAJob points out that many staff are not fully aware of how marketable their existing skills are.

“Most people take it for granted that their skill-set follows their original training,” he points out.

“In reality, just about everyone is currently adept at doing something quite different – for instance, how many former arts students are now immersed in marketing, HR or various levels of business management?”

He continues, “Yes training is important, but how many people remember that to do their existing job they already have to handle customers, use databases, analyse with spreadsheets, or negotiate with suppliers?”

“Many of these are won by hard experience, there are few training courses for them anyway, but they’re vital skills for any company,” he emphasises.

“So if training resources suddenly dry up, it’s worth a re-look at ALL the skills one has – I guarantee a few pleasant surprises.”
Meanwhile, Construction Training London has recently suggested that workers are just as keen to develop new skills during a recession as they believe it could put them ahead in the jobs market.