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Exaggerated expense claims prevalent everywhere, report finds.

Following the national expenses row which has seen the political landscape change in the country, research has found that many employees are tweaking their expenses.

A study by has found that 16 per cent of UK employees admit to being creative with the truth, and make up to £200 a year each by doing so.

Car mileage is a major problem area, with 2.8 million employees inflating mileage to make extra cash and over 832,000 people ask taxi drivers for blank receipts to support completely bogus claims.

UK employees make in total an additional £503 million every year on exaggerated claims.

Louise Bond, personal finance expert at comments: "It seems it is not just MPs who are running the risk of being caught with their hands in the cookie jar."

Ms Bond added that employees must think long and hard, however, before exaggerating or submitting a bogus expense claim as it is unlikely that, what some might regard as a ‘harmless' indiscretion, is worth losing a job over.

A spokesperson for ClickAJob goes further.

“Employees can’t afford to take chances,” he says.

“In the real world outside Westminster, if you’re dishonest, you get fired. You can even get prosecuted too - for falsifying expenses, tweaking your CV, in fact anything to do with your whole career.”

He adds, “With your future at stake, nothing is worth this kind of risk. It might take a while, but you CAN get back from losing your job. But once you have a criminal record, everything goes for a loop.”

The news comes as Scotland has launched an enquiry in several MP's expenses.

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